DIY beds, lawns Ideas backyard Creek Super Eight

DIY beds, lawns Ideas backyard Creek Super Eight


For those who like to view bellied little leisure at their own backyard we have a DIY lawn beds. Ideas backyard of new cool for everyone to do well.

          Add comfort to leisure, with Backyard Ideas, new gearbox, the dot-com come together today too. One is believed to have someone like me sitting in the garden because it will have a relaxing cool breeze and beautiful views of the trees and the grass. Can also be used to decorate a small garden for relaxing on a small area with her that I went to see the process of making this man out.

1. hit the wooden bed frame rectangle the size we need. Then the wood is left off over the middle.


2. headboard with frame rails for a small flowering plant to create colorful.


3. Take a small piece of wood on a bed leg strength. The rest have more confidence.


4. bed first floor with a white cloth. To prevent soil falling groove.


5. soil and press the soil firmly to fully sleep.


6. Sprinkle the soil with fertilizers and nutrients necessary for the growth of grass.


7. Remove the crab grass to fill the space.


8. Use scissors to cut the grass, trim the top of the grass is beautiful.


9. Then water wet Then leave the room until the grass is dry.


10. Now it’s time to pick up and put a pillow. A flower or a small tree planted ornamental little longer. Sit back sleeping on a soft bed after this.


Thanks for the information and illustrations from diply and Better Homes and Gardens.

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