Natural coconut oil (cold pressed), some useful.

Natural coconut oil (cold pressed), some useful.

The versatile universal “Coconut oil” We women need to know. It can be used head to toe.

We try to do that organic cold pressed coconut oil It will transform your skin, you can also do much more.

 Then you know it’s not real is coconut oil healthy!


Mouth wash to eliminate germs in the throat.

Use coconut oil used mouthwash or Oil Pulling (eliminating oral bacteria) scour around the mouth between the teeth to provide oil Ferret finished drinking water coconut oil in your mouth for approximately two tablespoons. The oil is flushed through the mouth to the teeth for at least 15 minutes.

Mouth wash to eliminate germs in the throat.

During the oil in the mouth. Could do with something else so as not to waste time when more than 15 minutes, then rinse with opaque white oil dropped.

Gargle with water 2-3 times with the wash to eliminate germs in the mouth and throat. Some of the oil is to the body. To wash off the dirt and the digestive system, reduce bad breath fresh breath.

       Brushing reduce plaque

Brushing with coconut oil. By removing the toothbrush dipped in coconut oil. New or coconut oil, half a teaspoon.

Brushing reduce plaque

The coconut oil is used instead of toothpaste in a tube of toothpaste containing toxic chemicals they brush their teeth with coconut oil to normal. Plaque will not increase and decrease gradually. Gum problems abated Implants are tight and not lose mouth dropped down in the mouth.


       Cosmetic stains wipe clean!

Coconut oil drops on a cotton ball and wipe your face moderation. Can wipe the eye shadow, eye liner, mastaba and lip depleted oil can be used for make-up wipes have two rounds to clean thoroughly. When wiping the face with coconut oil and leave it for about 10 minutes and then wash off with soap. After the liner to dry

Cosmetic stains wipe clean!

Coconut oil, which are small molecules. Cleaning can penetrate the skin deeply. Reduces the formation of pimples and chemicals from cosmetics. Cleans pores Pores firming facial skin. And eliminates blockages that cause acne effectively.

Cosmetic stains to wash out Especially around the eyes To keep skin hydrated Soft eyelashes longer and more detailed.


       Facial was nice and fresh

Free radicals are responsible for one of the blemishes and freckles in coconut oil, vitamin E acts against free radicals. Reduce wrinkles. Anti dark circles Normal skin is losing moisture. The sun and wind

Facial was nice and fresh

benefits of coconut oil on skin has a substance retain moisture. Treat dry flaky skin, reduce redness. Burning, itching skin It helps keep skin smooth It protects the skin from the sun. Coconut oil can cause sunburn sunny. Burns symptoms to subside

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer substances. Take a cotton ball moistened with warm water and then squeeze out the water. Drops of coconut oil 2-3 drops on a cotton ball apply on the face. You can leave it without washing it off. It keeps the skin smooth and soft, not dry. Skin that feels more details. Smooth up Dark spots, acne scars fade quite incredible.

Apply some moisturizer before bed instead. That is a cold-pressed coconut oil. Because coconut oil is heated to make the vitamin dissolves like a cold extraction that has a value of coconut oil.

In addition to the topical and skin. Care had to be involved. To relax muscles Reduce aches, joint pain and use on a daily basis. Enriched with Vitamin E protects the rays UV.


       Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair.

Hair and scalp hair, but do not use too much wet, then leave at least 15 minutes for the oil to penetrate the scalp gradually wash out. The result has been a hair shiny and fluffy too.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair.

You can use coconut oil hair since awakening. And leave it until the morning, then showers wash out. Alternatively, you can use benefits of coconut oil for hair in hair at night before bed, covered by a shower cap, and then gradually wash away when I shower in the morning time. You will be amazed at your hair look shiny and dandruff are dwindling.

Alternatively, prior to shampooing the hair with warm cloth turban 30-40 minutes and then wash it off or I have better results. Use a shower cap to bed already. The day gradually wash out Detoxify the hair Reduce hair loss Make no premature gray hair roots strong. Stimulate new hair Protect the scalp from dandruff Reduce hair loss Conditions dry and damaged hair Keep coming back to life


       Instead of shaving cream to reduce stinging irritation.

Shaving Cream (Shaving Cream) or cream applied before shaving, shaving cream, we need to nourish your body before you shave your legs, arms. I think that makes it easy to slip up shaving Shaving cream is primarily intended only to slide a razor blade, the easier my own. But.. We can use coconut oil. It was well orchestrated and skin.

Instead of shaving cream to reduce stinging irritation.

Any girl wants to shave your legs, armpits, legs, bikini line, you can use coconut oil instead of shaving cream and it was good but not dry, irritated red skin oiled areas just to shave. Makes shaving easier, it also makes the skin soft and smooth too.


       Naji reduce obesity

Coconut oil has been called. “Fat, low-calorie” bonus healing hunger better than fat or other food. The edible oil will not be hungry for a long time. And throughout the day Eat less than those who ate fewer calories than other coconut oil diet made. There was not stored as fat

Featuring a fatty medium. The easily digestible And moving faster Saturated fatty acids Hydrogen and oxygen are the causes of decline. Including obesity makes food taste. Full longer and increase energy

Eating coconut oil for weight loss is the concept of the principle that the Atkins Diet. To reduce the amount of carbohydrate that stimulates the body to secrete insulin. As a result, the accumulation of body fat. If I abstain from eating fat and flour. Fat is the appetite When to eat while we eat less.

Coconut oil helps reduce appetite. Better than other types of fat Accelerate the metabolism of the body. Activation of the thyroid gland. And generate heat faster and therefore does not accumulate in the body. Recommended to consume virgin coconut oil Coupled with a low-carb diet. It may be mixed with smoothies, salad dressing or sauce 2-3 tbsp.

Coconut oil is compatible with many types of foods and beverages such as soup, porridge soup, orange juice, coffee, tea, Ovaltine and without food and drink. changing tastes Or lose nutritional value And delicious

Finally, cook the food, you can use coconut oil for cooking by frying or stir-fried with no change to Trans Fats that are harmful to health. Unlike polyunsaturated oils that have been on high heat. Even as a non-stick pan or food containers.


       Hand foot nails do not tear.

Multifunction Wide application for coconut oil Because the head-to-toe Including skin, nail and pedicle nose moist, too.

Hand foot nails do not tear.

After bathing or hand washing minted using coconut oil. Mixed with enough sugar to thicken the mixture. Abrasion to the hand / nail. About 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry. You can feel the soft, smooth and moisturizer the skin, hands and feet.

Coconut oil, grease or paint the entire nail, hand and foot it to retain moisture throughout the day. Helps strengthen nails Reduce the hardness of the nail. Do not tear trickle of blood!


       * How to store Coconut oil.

Coconut oil is the correct temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, and will return as it was clear at room temperature. The property, everything remains the same.

Before using bring a bottle of coconut oil to warm up in hot water for 2-3 minutes.

* Please note that coconut oil is not a drug It is a strong drug. And should not be consumed more than necessary.

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